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1. 从单个大宗商品来看,预计咖啡价格将大幅下跌,目前为1磅1.62美元左右,投资者对阿拉比卡咖啡前景尤为悲观。
2. 祝贺佳节。
3. 在最新毕业的这届校友中,超过90%在结束项目后的3个月内接受了工作邀请。
4. 今年,该学校首次跻身前20强。
5. While organizers of the show attempt to get it back on track following a string of problems obtaining visas for models and performers such as Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry, now they're also claiming that their e-mails are being intercepted by Chinese authorities.
6. 供给侧结构性改革:去产能、去库存、去杠杆、降成本、补短板


1. 一位智商比爱因斯坦还高的天才儿童正庆祝自己成为门萨的特殊会员。这位小姑娘是妮诗·尤佳拉,今年10岁,在门萨智商测试中拿到了162分的高分,是英国得分最高且最年轻的参试者之一。
2. adj. 版权的
3. 也许你在地铁上上见过各种着装怪异迥异的角色出现,可应该没人在月台上见过大熊猫成群结队吧。
4. 7.思想控制仿生腿
5. In this Sept. 18, 1990, file photo, Steve Jobs, president and CEO of NeXT Computer Inc., shows off his company's new NeXTstation after an introduction to the public in San Francisco
6. There are merely citizens whose choices not only may, but surely will, change.


1. 2016年全球创新指数排名靠前的经济体中,日本、美国、英国、德国在创新质量方面表现突出。
2. 摆放一个小书架,用来放自己的杂志或报纸,这一方面有利于节省空间,另一方面可以让你能够很快找到自己想要的东西。
3. Promote steady development of agriculture and continued increases in rural incomes
4. Moonlight, an evocative coming of age story about a young gay black man, won best picture at the 2017 Oscars but was almost denied its victory in chaotic scenes when the award was mistakenly given to La La Land.
5. 从该剧2007年首播至今,我们似乎患上了哈德利·弗里曼(Hadley Freeman)在《卫报》(The Guardian)上所称的“广告狂人狂热症”(madmenalaria)。
6. 单词beneficial 联想记忆:


1. 达奇斯说:在这一年中,卡夫支持转基因食物,这个决定使得这个品牌成为了2012年的输家。
2. About 9.8 percent of the graduates are opting for "slow employment", meaning they will spend some time traveling, staying with their parents or waiting for opportunities to start up a business before figuring out their future plans, according to the survey.
3. 2012年春运期间,12306网站系统约售出110万张车票。去年,该系统售出的车票数量同比增加1100万张。
4. “We are currently investigating how this could have happened, and deeply regret that this occurred,” PwC said. “We appreciate the grace with which the nominees, the Academy, ABC, and Jimmy Kimmel handled the situation.”
5. 译者:清远
6. refrigerator


1. "There are close to 70 French citizens or residents in France who have died in Syria and Iraq in the ranks of the terrorists," he added.
2. 地区
3. 怎样写简历?

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